Karratha Airport Redevelopment

Karratha in the WA Pilbara is the gateway to Australia’s iron-ore industry. It’s also home to the second busiest airport in Western Australia, servicing more than 870,000 passengers per year.

In a bid to attract international flights, Karratha Airport is currently undergoing a multi-million dollar redevelopment to transform it into a first class international airport.

The 35-million dollar terminal upgrade project includes improved security screening, an expanded arrivals and departure area and enhanced passenger facilities.

DESA Australia is proud to be involved in the Karratha Airport redevelopment, which is vital for the entire Pilbara region.

DESA’s involvement began in mid-2014, with the team successfully negotiating the Communications and Public Address Package with Queensland-based company, Ledwidge Electrical.

Work on site began in September with a schedule of works that included communications cabling for all the CCTV, security, the departure gates, the self check-in kiosks and all the check-in counters used by Qantas and Virgin Australia.

A new public address and hearing augmentation system will provide state of the art announcements for all tenants of the Airport.

Given its status as a transport hub for the northwest of Western Australia, the team has had to work around a unique set of operational demands.

“The terminal building was a fully operational facility during the entire construction process,” says WA General Manager David Higginson. “Because we’re dealing with an airport, there’s a secure and non-secure side to the terminal. Our staff has had to obtain the relevant clearances and passes to enable them to move around the terminal without an escort”.

The weather was another factor that needed a work around solution for those ‘on the ground’.

“Karratha is hot and uncomfortable in summer. With temperatures reaching upwards of 45 degrees, it can be quite uncomfortable. During those summer months, we’d work at night. It’s still 30-to-35 degrees at night in Karratha, but definitely more bearable than working during the day”.

The Karratha Airport redevelopment project is scheduled for completion by mid-August 2015. For those interested in the redevelopment, a video has been produced on the behalf of the Karratha Airport Australia.

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