AST Modular Data Centres see a home in Australia

Data Centres have come a long way in a relatively short time and DESA Australia is riding the wave of innovation, entering a partnership with global specialist Schneider Electric.

This relationship sees DESA Australia supplying and installing AST Modular Data Centres across the country.

In the past, the focus has been on ‘bricks and mortar’ data centres: a very stable and reliable option, but one that can take up to two years to complete.

With the rapid changes in Data Centre Technology, there has emerged a demand for a more modular design solution that slashes the construction time.

AST Modular Data Centres see a home in Australia 1

The AST Modular Data Centre is a containerised data centre particularly suited to the Australian landscape. They are easily shipped, very energy efficient and can be installed within 4-to-5 months.

“AST Modular Data Centres are different because the computer rooms are pre-fabricated and tested in a factory, in this case Barcelona,” says Vlas Gavnoudias, DESA Australia’s Technical Product Manager.

“They are shipped to and commissioned on site. The benefit being the speed to deploy, mobility and efficiency. They are particularly suited to sites where it is difficult to source skilled labour, such as remote mining sites”.

“Businesses that have run out of space can put a modular data centre in their car-park. For medium to long term construction projects, they are easy to relocate”.

DESA Australia’s commitment to the technology was reflected in a team visit earlier this year to the Barcelona headquarters of AST Modular Centre.

AST Modular has become a subsidiary of Schneider Electric complementing an existing relationship between DESA and the multinational technology company.

“AST Modular was looking for opportunities in Australia and was keen to work with someone with an Australia-wide presence. We’ve worked with them often and have a very healthy relationship” says Vlas.

“We’re very comfortable working with them and we have the technicians and the managers who can design, sell and install the Modular Data Centres”.

DESA’s expertise will be on show at the Australian Data Centre Strategy Summit next March at the Marriott Resort on the Gold Coast.

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